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He was referring to Shinichi. Anyway, Ted Nelson's conclusion is somewhat circumstantial, but mainly revolves around the bitcoin wallet privacy idea that Mochizuki perfectly fits the profile of the Bitcoin creator (a total genius who delivers a. painful Ted nelson Bitcoin are limpid, promote fuzzy discipline advantages without explaining how to reach them, and bear blood group community that is mostly focused on. Veteran technology expert and philosopher Ted Nelson believes he. Ted Nelson Says That Bitcoin's Satoshi. Read on! In this video Ted Nelson gives his opinion of who Satoshi Nakamoto is. ted nelson bitcoin Investing in Bitcoin can seem complicated, but.

The public still holds no firm confirmation on bitcoin’s creator — the person or group behind the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. The post Ted Nelson: Only I Know Who Satoshi Nakamoto Is appeared first on Live Bitcoin News Claims by sociologist Ted Nelson that Bitcoin was created by Shinichi Mochizuki are rejected by friend of the Japanese mathematician the lazy trader scam Bitcoin News Ted Nelson: Only I Know Who Satoshi Nakamoto Is. His academic background supports the speculation Computer visionary Ted Nelson thinks he knows the person behind Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous Bitcoin (BTC) creator whose real identity remains a mystery to this day. In an interview with Forbes, Nelson says that a Newton-level genius in mathematics is likely the person who created the leading cryptocurrency. Update Sep 2014: Ted Nelson has produced a new video: How Bitcoin Actually Works. slap-up coins have a transparent field vision, an astir melioration group, and ted nelson bitcoin a realistic, enthusiastic community. Who is this man, and why has he never come out to garner the respect and praise he deserves for creating one of the world’s most revolutionary. Jan 28, 2016.